You’re Invited!

We tour across the mainland U.S. and Hawaii and invite you to come see us!  If you want to know when we will be in your area or want us to come perform in your hometown, please let us know!

Imagine stepping into a sacred sanctuary filled with ancient chants, soft vibrant color and light as well as the celestial sounds of the crystal singing bowls… the lights dim, the candles softly dancing, beckoning you in, inward to your truest self, your divine self…

More than just a crystal bowl performance, this event will awaken and soothe all your senses, and then take you inside for a personal journey back to wholeness. To Oneness!

A few simple things to prepare yourself for the Crystal Singing Bowls Healing Events:

For your own comfort and well being, please…

~ Eat lightly before attending
~ Drink EXTRA water 24hrs before and after
~ Limit use of alcohol and recreational drugs 24 hours before and after
~ Wear comfortable, loose clothing, such as yoga clothes
~ Bring a mat, blanket and pillow (unless the event is in a yoga studio)
~ If you like, bring a crystal/rock to imprint the experience and carry this bliss with you always
~ Come, relax, de-stress… bliss out!