Private Sessions

We allot time for private sessions on the day after our public performances. The healing sessions typically last for 45 minutes to one hour.  If you would like a healing and reading combination, it usually lasts 1 1/2 hours.

Healings with Colleen and/or Jaz

If you are looking to heal/release/clear something specific on any level–physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, this would be very beneficial. At the performance, you receive a generalized healing. With the private session, it is very specific to you and your personal needs.

Singing Crystal Bowls and Ancient Himalayan Singing Bowl Healings

You simply state your intention for the healing and then gently rest as the beautiful sound vibrations immerse your body, emotions, mind and spirit into perfect balance. I focus on the 7 main chakras to create an opportunity for your optimal health and well-being on all levels. You will clear, cleanse, heal, harmonize and balance all layers of your being and walk away with at the very least, the deepest peace and joy you have rarely, maybe ever, felt before. Bliss!

It’s also beautiful to weave Hawaiian energy healing into the crystal bowl healing session.  Kahuna Arch Hawaiian energy healing is a gentle, peaceful and powerful healing modality which will leave you feeling like you’ve had a blissful day at the beach.

Jaz also works with a Vogel Healing Crystal during the session, if you would like.  Vogel Crystals are 12 sided crystal specifically cut in alignment with sacred geometry.  They are specifically created to hold the energy of Divine Love, and to help restore you to a feeling of wholeness.

Readings with Colleen

Please keep in mind that Colleen’s readings are not prophetic, nor fortune telling. She reads to support and guide you along your life’s journey as any good teacher of integrity would; not tell you what to do or what is going to happen. It’s like a visit with a compassionate, joyful, enlightened Master Teacher who shares ideas and possibilities for you to ponder and then discern yourself. Please remember that you are always your ultimate authority.

Akashic Records   Ask your Master Teacher in The Records anything about what is going on your life you need support with now.

Numerology   Great to learn about where you would benefit placing your focus and energies this year/this month, as well as purpose, passions, talents and abilities, challenges, karma, etc. Also great for couples! Ask for the Relationship Compatibility Reading. Please provide birth certificate name, current name and birthdate.

Mediumship   Communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Don’t underestimate the power of this communication to heal. Most people just think of it as a reading, however, often an instantaneous healing takes place and much grief is released.  Jaz also offers specific healing modalities to help with Grief.